Social Media Graphic...

Some graphics made for social media use for KoreConX.

KoreConX 3.0 Design

The new design for KoreConX. Being released in early 2017.

Web and Infographic ...

Front page design and infographic for crundfunding portal.

Mickele’s Bist...

  Half fold and Roll Fold menus. Designed the logo as well.


  Wallpaper I made for my site, The Forgotten...

Graphic Banners

Graphic designs created for Plus Factory.

Brochure Design

Brochure design.

Stylus Packaging

Package design for the Kidori stylus designed for kids.

Monsters for Kids

A website, book cover and mobile app I designed for Monsters for Kids at Plus...

RichMob BMW Ads

Sample ad designs that served as landing pages for mobile ads.